7 December 2022: Change and the Future

Representations of Change and the Future in SFF Worlds and Narratives

Research question: How does SFF engage with the future as a time when inequalities may be altered/improved, or a space to imagine the worst if inequalities are allowed to continue?

You can watch the event here:

‘Haunting Prospects: Imagining Futurity in Change and Stasis in SFF Creative Practice in Scotland’ by Dr Taylor Driggers (commissioned academic response)


Lily Higham is one half of Post Coal Prom Queen, a duo of producer-composers in Scotland. They create unique retrofuturistic soundscapes fused with their pop sensibilities. They’re also the hosts of The Last Question podcast where they interview people at the cutting edge of science and invite them to speculate wildly about the future.

Kirsty Logan is a professional daydreamer. She is the author of three novels, three story collections, a memoir, and two chapbooks. She lives in Glasgow with her wife, baby and rescue dog. She is currently working on a short musical, a short story collection and a very long novel.

Tanya Roberts is an Edinburgh based artist who has worked in the comic book industry for over a decade. She has worked on franchise titles such as Star Wars: Clone Wars, Toy Story, How to Train your Dragon, Trollhunters and TMNT. She also works on indie titles like BHPs Plagued and has her own comic publishing company with her husband called ‘Bluebottle Ink’ which they use to promote their own books!

A black and white picture of Lorraine Wilson, smiling at the camera.

Lorraine Wilson is a conservation scientist who now lives by the sea in Scotland writing speculative fiction influenced by folklore and the wilderness. She is the author of multi-award finalist This Is Our Undoing, and The Way The Light Bends; her third novel, Mother Sea is due out in 2023. 

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Chair: Prof Esther MacCallum-Stewart

Academic Respondent: Dr Taylor Driggers

Taylor Driggers (he/him) is the author of Queering Faith in Fantasy Literature (Bloomsbury, 2022). His research traces the relationships between fantasy literature, Christian theology, gender, sexuality, and critical theory. He holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow, where he currently works as Temporary Lecturer in Fantasy.

An image featuring the logo for Future Voices of Scottish Science Fiction and Fantasy and details about the December event. Text reads: Representations of Change and the Future in SFF Worlds and Narratives. With Jon McKellan, Kirsty Logan, Tanya Roberts, Lorraine Wilson, and Post Coal Prom Queen. 07 December 2022.